Robotically supported facade processing using a modular, multifunctional robot system

Authors: Prof. Thomas Linner

Patent; Title of Invention: ROBOT FOR PERFORMING BUILDING FACADE WORKS; Patent No.: HK30004025; Proprietor: Construction Industry Council; Inventors: Thomas Linner, Wen Pan, Rongbo Hu, Thomas Bock.

Abstract:  The robot system is the result of an industrial order carried out by a team of innovators at the Technical University of Munich. The aim was to develop a system that was cost-effective and which, thanks to its modularity, could be easily adapted to new buildings while carrying out a variety of tasks in facade processing by modularly replacing individual components (end effectors). The system acts instructively on the construction site as a framework around which the preceding and subsequent manual processes can be better structured.

Key technologies/processes:  modular robotics, cost reduction through simple machine structure.

Applicable to the following types of trade:  interior and faced finishing works.

The solution to the problem:  higher quality at lower costs.

Added value potential for the skilled trades:  skills shortage, occupational health and safety.

Outlook and future development:  Consulting and development services on thematically similar issues for direct industrial application are offered by CREDO Robotics GmbH